MidPoint Music Festival

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MidPoint Music Festival

In its eighth year, Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival brought more than 270 bands and more than 15,000 music lovers to the Queen City from across the country. Bands ranging from Helsinki, Finland’s The Do to Cincinnati’s nationally renowned Heartless Bastards, to unsigned acts that had never played to audiences of more than 20 people took the stage at 21 of Cincinnati’s bars, night clubs, restaurants, coffee shops and healing centers in the downtown and Over-the-Rhine neighborhoods.

This year’s event gave musicians the opportunity to experiment with new influences on the Songwriters in the Round stage, and brought back the popular Willis Beers and Gear event, where musicians improvised on top-of-the-line instruments. Scion taxis shuttled concertgoers from one venue to the next. And as new restaurants threw themselves into the event, other venues pulled out at the last minute.

Read on to experience the sights, sounds and stories that are making MidPoint Music Festival a must-attend event for independent artists and their fans.

The audio slideshows presented here were originally published as part of The Cincinnati Enquirer’s coverage of the 2009 MidPoint Music Festival.

MidPoint from Behind the Bar

Volunteers are the Driving Force Behind MidPoint

Musicians Come Together Over Beer and New Gear

During the festival, the New Media Bureau reporters reacted to a breaking news situation and completed an in-depth story the night of the event. Click below to read the story.

Cadillac Ranch Pulls MPMF Acts

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