Communities In Transition

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Communities In Transition

From Northside to Indian Hill, the different parts of the metropolitan area each have their own histories, traditions and cultures.

But all of these small communities have one thing in common: they’re changing, just as they have always changed and adapted to social shifts and economic cycles.

This series profiles four Cincinnati communities to see how they are reacting to the area’s changing face.


This community on Cincinnati’s West Side stands at a crossroads. Small, family-run businesses and traditional community institutions share space with growing retail development and an influx of new suburbanites. See this transition through the eyes of locals who are both long-time residents and newcomers to the area.
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Far from just being one of the city’s popular, old-is-new neighborhoods, Northside is a Cincinnati neighborhood where change cannot be avoided. But as the area’s face and population shift, certain constants keep the neighborhood from losing the things that make it unique.
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Indian Hill

One of the wealthiest communities in the region is known for its sprawling estates, large tracts of greenspace and a close connection to its history. But change has come to Indian Hill, and the neighborhood is not immune to future evolution. Read more about how this neighborhood holds on to its past while preparing for the future.
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Blue Ash

This city on Cincinnati’s northern side may be known as a big business hot spot. But small businesses are the lifeblood of this thriving, ever-changing community. Read more about how the city keeps big-business growth vibrant, but under control.
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