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David Groomes, 28, has been making independent films in Cincinnati for the last year since moving back from Los Angeles, Calif., to start a family. Groomes, who has a full-time job in sales, is trying to put out the best quality work with the hope of making a career out of film.

Where I grew up, we didn’t have much outside entertainment. All we had were movies. The emotional state that movies put you in – having the power to make people cry, to make them laugh, make them fearful, suspenseful, to change people’s emotions back and forth – that is a very powerful tool. That’s what made me want to get into films.

[Stephen] Spielberg is one person I aspire to be like because I want to be very diverse. How do you go from The Color Purple to War of the Worlds?

I went to film school out in L.A. for two years. I started off doing little commercials, music videos, and little things like that.

We have a saying that goes with Reel Independent: “One Crew. No Budget. No Excuses.”

You’re working your 9-to-5, 40 hours-a-week job, still trying to be a filmmaker. But every day, well every three days, I have to stop myself from walking out of my job because it is literally slowing me down. It is slowing me down. I know that if I didn’t have this job I would probably have four stories done right now instead of the two.

The hope for the future are that this (film) will get picked up by a studio that believes in the project, get made, you know [laughs], and that people like it. You spend so much time investing in something, but people have to like it.

I don’t think people realize how much work goes into it. You watch a film, you don’t think about the guy who spent a week editing it. Or the director that ran around hundreds of concepts of character sketches, or the writer who threw 15 drafts in the garbage. The tedious work that goes into it. It ruins relationships and causes divorces.

If you are doing a small production, it takes like 10 or 15 people. We have a hair person, a makeup person, a costume person, two cameramen, an editor, a script supervisor, a director, two producers, craft and services, two PAs, a bus transporter, all these people behind the scenes, art directors.

In 10 years I see myself running Hollywood. Big executive, director, writer, producer.

– Story by James Freeman; provided photo

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