Craft Beer Brewer

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Craft Beer Brewer

Jared Hamilton, 27, brews beer at the Mount Carmel Brewing Company in Cincinnati.

I went to Ohio State pretty much because it was a big college. I never really figured out what I wanted to do there, especially since brewing is something you really don’t go to school to learn how to do and not something that most people are interested in the specifics of doing.

From 2008 to 2010, I was doing a lot of home-brewing; getting into the science stuff.

I was originally hired on as assistant brewer, but they said I’d be better off being an actual brewer. One of their brewers was leaving in a month, and they said I’d probably get that job. The old brewer was going off to law school, and that’s where he is right now. So on my first day, it was kind of sink or swim, more like doggy paddle. But I got by, and I’ve been here ever since.

There are only three guys who work here in production so we kind of do everything from filling tanks, to filtering, and so on. It’s kind of complicated, like spinning a bunch of plates at once. But you get used to it.

My first day, Mike said, “We’re going to make stout.” I show up, and we start brewing the beer. The first step of the process is bagging, which is when we mix the hot water with the malted grains. So I was just grabbing the bags [of grains], not really paying attention, and I accidently handed two of the wrong bags to Mike. This ended up to be a wheat ingredient that typically didn’t go in our stout. What happened next was kind of harbinger for things to come. Even though the wheat wasn’t supposed to go into the beer, the batch turned out really good. From then on we started to put a little bit of wheat into the mix of all our beers because it helped build the body of the beer. That was the most notable thing about my first day.

Some of the more rewarding experiences I do are going to all the beer festivals around Ohio. I not only get to talk about my product and show off what I am creating, but I’m also able to go around and talk about beer all day. This is why this brewery is so special. It all comes back to the newness of the brewery. Not many breweries offer experiences like this. I contribute to recipes of the beers we are selling, I am going out and promoting this beer amongst other established craft beer makers, and it’s an award-winning company. Not many places offer that right off the bat.

The best part is I was prepared to do all these things. I was just in the right place at the right time.

A lot of times when we’re filling the beers, we’ll get a bottle that isn’t filled to the proper amount, which we cannot sell. We’ll take home that stuff.

– Interview, photo by Kyle Pope

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