Drawing Cincinnati: Courttney’s Vision

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Drawing Cincinnati: Courttney’s Vision

Visionaries and Voices artist draws inspiration from city’s present, past

Story, photo and video by Sam Pennybacker

With nothing more than a ballpoint pen and paper, Visionaries and Voices artist Courttney Cooper creates large and highly detailed aerial 3-D drawings of the city that would impress even the most skilled cartographer. Starting with roads, and eventually moving on to individual buildings, Cooper relies on his memory and intimate knowledge of the city to capture neighborhoods and landmarks, past and present, in his art.

Cooper has been part of Visionaries and Voices since the organization’s inception in 2004 and he visits the Northside studio four days a week when he’s not working his full-time job at Kroger.

In his free time, Cooper enjoys taking part in numerous activities. Because he reads the local newsweekly closely, he knows what is happening all over town and goes to events on a regular basis. He finds inspiration by taking part in Cincinnati’s wealth of activities.

This story was syndicated to and published by Soapbox Cincinnati in May 2012.